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Intelligent water bottle


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Interactive Experience with Sensitive Touch

Temperature Flask comes with SMART DIGITAL DESIGN, With an HD LCD touch screen for prompt real-time water temperature display. Smart Bottle is Stylish and Durable. Let you drink the water that is most suitable for temperature anytime, anywhere. Double-wall LCD Temperature vacuum insulated stainless steel BPA free thermos water bottle.

Whether it’s coffee, fruit-infused water, plain ice-cold water, or tea, feel vibrant all day knowing that your beverage of choice is kept at a consistent temperature

Beautiful design

Feel Before
You Drink

Prompt real-time water temperature display

a premium sound.

Frequently asked questions

Does the water cool automatically?

No way, its just a flask which keeps liquid in its State if it’s cold then it will remains cold for some hours similarly if the liquid was hot it will remains hot for some hours.

How to charge it ? And from were I can replace battery?

It has a battery inside and it can be changed by us and at watch shops.


Can we keep in refrigerator ?

Yes, It can be kept in a refrigerator.

It is safe for children or not?

Completely Safe for children.

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The Smart Bottle